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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Top 9 World’s Best Resorts

Crystal Cove offers three separate pools decked out to look like lagoons, with water splish-splashing down all around you as you indulge in a refreshing margarita to cool you down, seeing how you’re in the Caribbean and all. Just don’t leave the bar area with your drink, or you’ll find it becomes very watered down very quickly…click here

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The island of Ischia bubbles and steams with thermal activity, and the spa treatment centre at the magnificent Mezzatorre Resort harnesses this to the full. But the 57-room hotel, perched in a pinewood above its own private cove, also offers exclusive access to a splendid bit of Mediterranean. Located on a terrace along the gentle path down to the sea is a heated saltwater pool. The Mezzatorre’s little bay is rocky, perfect for setting off with a snorkel to explore the local marine life. But the town of Forio d’Ischia, immediately outside the hotel, is edged by long strips of white sand beach.

Some of the best beaches in mainland Italy are in Puglia – particularly in a string of pristine sandy strands south of the historic towns of Avetrana and Manduria, the latter famous for its Primitivo wine. For white sand, translucent water and informal beach-shack lunches, head for the seaside villages of Punta Prosciutto (“Ham Point”) or Torre Colimena. The scene is molto informale, with families from Lecce, Taranto or Bari coming down for the day and either draping their beach mats on the sand or renting a sunlounger under an ombrellone, for example at laid-back Lido degli Angeli (lidodegliangeli.it). The nearby town of Porto Cesareo has the best selection of hotels, but it’s also worth looking at agriturismi or country hotels just inland – like the very chic Masseria Potenti.

Now is the time to travel to Greece. The country is going through an economic crisis, but many tourists say that this has not prevented them from traveling to the home. You may even benefit from lower prices and attractive offers. Greece has 1,400 islands, although only 230 of them are inhabited.

 And while all the know talk about Santorini and Mykonos, there are other wonderful islands, but less known. Below you have listed 9 fabulous Greek islands which probably have not heard about them.

The Best Beaches in Albania

Even discussing the best beaches in Albania is tough. Not only does Albania have a wealth of beaches to choose from, but choosing “the best beach” depends a lot on what you want. Naturally, if you like to party, you will choose a different beach than if you like a secluded and quiet spot in the sun. With this in mind, I’ve chosen several beaches as “the best beaches in Albania,” each for something unique they have to offer those who visit them.
https://vid.me/VJsa 4k drone in ALBANIA

Peaceful Nature In Albania Tourisem
 Challenging Experience in ALBANIA
Fairytale beaches in ALBANIA

Ie tourism by the sea concentrated in the west of the country and especially in Velipoja, Shengjin, Durres, Vlora and Saranda Riviera, Ksamili is frequented mese. These cities offer a number of services, hotels and restaurants, attracting attention in recent years foreign tourists.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dubai (Arab. دبي, Dubayy) is found in the city of the southern Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai has taken the name of the emirate in which the then Emirate of Dubai. Dubai shares legal functions, political, military with 7 other Arab Federation. Emirate of Dubai Emirate is the second largest in the United Arab Emirates to Abu Dhabi after him. This city is visited by millions of visitors a year and has a population of about 2 million. Dubai also known as the largest city in the UAE. As each one has emirate Dubai ruler and his family known Al-Maktoum, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum. Dubai also known as a city with infrastructure among the most developed in the world. Also, this city is also known for "Skyscrapers" the biggest in the world. Burj Khalifa building, except that it is the largest building in the UAE, is also the longest building in the world. It is 828 m long, and has a total of 163 floors. It cost about $ 1.5 billion for construction. For the moment, Dubai is leading the Al Maktoum family, from his majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also vice-president of the United Arab Emirates.

Monday, June 27, 2016

How to book the best Italian beach holiday, with recommended family resorts and hotels, our experts' favourite seaside towns and villages, and the best tour operators. By Telegraph Travel's Italy experts.

With the advent of summer all begin to make their plans for the holidays, where part likes to travel through European cities. In this sense Forbes magazine has published what are the most visited cities in Europe. Topping the list stands Paris. Even the French capital is not only the most visited city in Europe, but one of the cities that receives more tourists in the world. In second place comes Moscow, and then Venice. Italy is the only country that this list is represented by two cities, because the Roma is one of the most visited cities.

miami beach

Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade CountyFloridaUnited States

Ibiza: Old Spanish for "party 'til you drop." Perhaps not literally, but this is definitely one of Europe's favorite nightlife playgrounds. Ibiza boasts more than 100 miles of coastline with some 50 beaches, plus plenty of restaurants, bars, and water sports—and clubs, of course. Fit in a little culture and visit Ibiza's UNESCO-designated old town.
Where the final whistle of the world’s most prestigious club football tournament signals the opening of the world’s most exciting party destination.